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Pool Water

Make a splash in a cool pool!

SJ Johson Pool Water Delivery

SJ Johnson, Inc. can make filling your pool or hot tub a snap.

We offer 6000 gallon tractor trailer loads of water and a smaller 3000 gallon straight tanker loads of water.
Our small tanker is well suited for jobs that aren’t accessible with a tractor trailer. Our tractor trailers carry up to 400 feet of hose to access your pool.

Contact us today for a pool water or sand delivery quote.

Water Delivery

SJ Johnson, Inc Pool Water Delivery

Our delivery area consists of Southern Maryland, Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore counties.

We ask for a two day lead time for deliveries and all deliveries scheduled after 4 PM will carry an overtime charge unless otherwise noted.

Sand Delivery

Let SJ Johnson prepare your backyard for months of summer fun by providing sand for your above ground pool.

Sand will help level and soften the ground for accurate, safe placement of any size above ground pool.

Once sand is in, make sure you schedule SJ Johnson to fill your above ground pool and reduce wear on your well pump or add a large charge to your water bill!

Contact us today for sand and pool water delivery.

Pool Capacity

To calculate how much water you need, please use the following formulas:
(Note: Average Depth = shallow end+deep end divided by 2)

  • Rectangle Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5=Gallons
  • Oval and Irregular Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 5.9=Gallons
  • Round Pools: Width x Width x Average Depth x 5.9=Gallons

SJ Johnson offers water tanker rentals for construction sites in addition to water trucks for dust control. SJ Johnson also offers sand delivery for new above ground pool installation. Masonry sand is used as the base for above ground to protect the vinyl liner from being punctured. The installer will know the amount of sand you will need. We have included a chart for a basic guide:

  • 15′ Round= 3 Tons
  • 18’Round=4 Tons
  • 24’Round=5 Tons
  • 18×33 Rectangle=8 Tons
  • 15×30 Rectangle=7 tons
  • 21×40 Rectangle =10 Tons


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