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Water Softener Maintenance Program

Everything needs maintenance to last it’s full life expectancy. It also allows us to be proactive to potential problems. SJ Johnson is pleased to offer you our annual maintenance water softener contract to include 4 site visits annually:

The first three visits will be to clean the whole house filter if needed and refill the brine tank. The fourth visit encompasses the removal of the old salt, cleaning of the brine tank, adding new solar salt, removal, and cleaning of the internal filter and whole house filter.

MONTHLY MAINTENANCE COST $25 (filters and bags of salt additional)

Salt Delivery $50 (plus cot of salt)

Sediment/ carbon filter $ Call our office

All prices subject to change.



Our customers are our greatest assets and advocates. We believe good people tend to surround themselves with other good people. We are kindly asking you to connect us with the good people in your circle b referring us for a water softener installation. For EVERY person that you refer that purchases a water softener from us we will mail you a $50 check. SUPER EASY. They just menton you referred them at the time of the sale and we will take care of YOUR PAYDAY. Our entire SJ Johnson family THANKS YOU in advance.