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The Importance Of Global Oil Production Optimization

The Importance Of Global Oil Production Optimization

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fuel oil productionOil production optimization is vital for the industrialized world.  There is not an unlimited supply of oil beneath the ground.  That means the oil production supply is limited, and must be optimized to the fullest extent.  Oil producers must continue to develop new techniques for extracting oil from wells.  This hard to reach oil would have been formerly left behind when oil production was at its peak.  There are many reasons why optimizing oil production is important.

The optimization of oil production is important because the global demand for crude oil continues to increase.  Major industrialized nations continue crude oil production and use at a record pace.  Consumers accustomed to formerly cheap oil prices bought large sport utility vehicles and trucks which use large amounts of gasoline.  As the economies of those countries continue to grow, the oil production demands of the transportation and industrial sectors grow as well.  Extracting every last drop of oil through oil production optimizing helps ease the demand for crude oil.

The established industrial nations are not the only reasons for oil production optimizing.  Many newer economic and industrial nations are emerging as crude oil production consumers.  These countries contain a major fraction of the global population.  Crude oil production feeds these growing economies.  Optimizing oil production is essential so the world can take the best advantage of existing crude oil production capacity.

The optimization of crude oil production can be accomplished in several ways.  Specially formulated muds and slurries can be pumped into existing oil wells.  This operation optimizes oil production by maintaining pressure in the well, forcing new oil to the surface.  Non-traditional oil sources such as oil shale and oil sands are being found and their crude oil extracted.  Other production optimization measures include new drilling techniques and geophysical tools to locate and extract unknown oil fields.

The oil supply probably seems unlimited to anyone alive today.  There has always been plentiful oil production, and it will likely continue during their lifetimes.  Until alternative fuel sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy are widely available, oil production optimization allows the world to take full advantage of the limited supply of crude oil.