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The Benefit of Gas in a BBQ

The Benefit of Gas in a BBQ or a Gas Patio Heater

Propane tankIn most Southern Maryland households you will find a bbq of some kind, there are some that are better than others however. Although a propane gas bbq may sound like it’s “cheating” it is not, far from it. You still get that delicious bbq flavor but without any of the mess, or difficulty or smoke!

Simplicity is one of the key benefits certainly of propane gas. There are no firelighters to light the grill involved or bottles of water to put it out! Just turning a dial and igniting the flame is all you need to do to get the BBQ working. This also prevents a two hour wait before you can even start cooking – once it has been given a few minutes to heat up the cooking can begin. They are also smoke free.

How many times have you had to hold your nose in order to flip over some sausages when dealing with charcoal? You move over one side to get away from the smoke plume and it seems to just follow you! This is a characteristic of charcoal bbqs but not one of gas. It provides a far greater overall cooking experience.

Propane Tanks make life easy in Southern MD!

The easy nature of a gas grill makes for a lot more fun to be had actually cooking with it. Gone are the days of incinerated pieces of meat and fish, raw on the inside but with a coal like appearance and taste on the outside. A gas grill has an excellent heat distribution so the food cooks evenly. Because the temperature is completely adjustable too, you can make sure the food is cooked at a temperature that is not too low, and not too high. With charcoal all you can do is light it and wait.

There is window of opportunity to cook when the coals are glowing white and you can hold your hand over the grill for about 10 seconds. If you cook too early the meat will burn, if you leave it too long the coals will cool down to the point where the food won’t cook at all. This is quite a clumsy and temperamental way to cook to say the least.

Although they are very large and not designed to be portable, there are plenty of smaller varieties that are designed for just this purpose. With extendable legs and retractable sides, it can fold down and be put in the back of the car before heading out to the beach or to the park for the day. Because there are no hot coals to dispose of at the end of the day they are safe and good fun. They can really make a day trip go with a swing. Taking one camping is an excellent way to feed the whole family for less whilst on holiday.

A gas bbq is so easy to use. Gas bottles or propane tanks can be refilled at SJ Johnson Company on Route 4 in Huntingtown. The same gas bottles can be used to fuel a gas patio heater too. A gas barbeque is a great way to get more from a bbq.

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