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Southern Maryland Propane Safety Tips

Southern MD Propane Safety Tips

Southern MD Propane Safety TipsYou may know by now that propane can offer many advantages over traditional appliances for both indoor and outdoor use. Using propane can save you money, as well as time and energy. While it is good to know the benefits and begin to incorporate propane into your lifestyle both on the inside of your home and on the outside, it is also important to know the safety rules and procedures regarding propane.

Inside Safety Tips for Using Propane in Southern MD

Don’t mess around with something you are not authorized to alter or change. If you need a service or repair on any of your propane appliances, make certain to call the manufacturer or company from which you purchased the propane appliance. You never want to put yourself or your family in danger by tinkering with an appliance you know nothing about; be wise and contact a service professional for any complaints or repairs.

If you smell a foul odor, the best thing to do is to leave your home. If you have a propane leak, time is of the essence. Remove yourself, your family and your pets as quickly as possible. Suffocating from the gas or a hazardous explosion are two things from which you want to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

If you smell an odor that you think may be propane, stay away from electrical switches. Touching a switch may cause an explosion. Most importantly, don’t try to detect if you have a propane leak inside your home on your own with an open flame. This could prove a deadly mistake.

While some individuals have and, unfortunately may, continue to bring their outdoor barbeque grill indoors during rainy or cold months, never take on this practice. This is dangerous. Barbeque equipment was made for the outdoors for a reason.


If you have a propane grill, make certain that you understand that you must still follow safety guidelines. Keep barbequing away from trees and bushes. As mentioned, never barbeque indoors either. If you have extra gas containers, do not keep them in the garage or near the home. If you smell something rotten when bringing out your propane grill, know that you more than likely have a propane leak.

Before starting up your grill for the first time, check with the company that sold you the propane grill, check the owners’ manual and follow all safety guidelines and procedures. When in doubt, reach out – contact the company or a service technician who is skilled and knowledgeable with propane grills.

If you have portable propane generators or heaters that are meant for outdoors, do not bring them in if you are experiencing outages due to a storm. Outdoor heaters and generators are made specifically for the outdoors and could pose dangerous situations if brought indoors.

The same advice holds true for propane lanterns and lights meant for the outdoors. Even propane patio heaters must remain outdoors, and this is also the case with cooking ranges for camping.

If you do have appliances inside your home such as heating systems or kitchen appliances that use propane, make certain to obtain propane detectors. Propane detectors may detect a propane leak before it reaches the level at which you can smell it. By then, it might be too dangerous of a situation. A propane detector is a wise investment indeed.

Propane is a good choice for heating your home and cooking. However, as with all such equipment, safety and precautions are essential.

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