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Propane Space Heaters

The Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector (also known as Propane space heaters.)

vent free fan convector brochure by rinnai

Rinnai solutions can truly enhance the way your family lives — from the efficient comfort of our Condensing Boilers to the small-space warmth of our Vent-Free Fan Convectors and EnergySaver Direct Vent Wall Furnaces.

  • More comfort: Efficient options for customized comfort and lower energy bills
  • Consistent warmth: Ideal for hard-to-heat spaces like attics, sunrooms, and basements
  • Advanced heating technology: Whole-home and supplemental heating solutions with installation ease and flexibility
  • Quality and reliability: Integrated safety features offer peace-of-mind for your family

Choose Rinnai Vent-Free Fan Convector for your home heating needs installed by SJ Johnson.

LP Vent-Free Fan Convector, in Propane Gas, provides the perfect supplemental heating solution to most any hard-to-heat space, such as a room addition, condo, Vent free fan convectorsbasement, sunroom or mobile home.

Ask about the  self-adjusting Rinnai vent-free  heater to maintain a consistent room temperature.

As one of the most fuel-efficient heating products on the market today, the Rinnai Fan Convector utilizes Propane fuel type. And by strategically placing the Fan Convector in the home, energy bills may be reduced significantly.

Convenient to use and easy to install, the Fan Convector allows any homeowner to get the most comfort from their space, with virtually no heat loss from vents and programmable thermostats. Additional safety features such as the tilt switch, oxygen depletion sensor, cool-to-the-touch cabinet and child safety lock make them safe for the entire family.