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New Rules For Natural Gas Drilling

In June 2012, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced new air pollution rules for the natural gas drilling process called “fracking.” Although many people who have long had concerns about fracking in Southern Maryland find the new rules acceptable, many are still upset that the laws will be set into effect over the course of two years.
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Selling Your Home Quicker Includes Taking Care of Fuel Oil Tanks & Propane Tanks

Before starting remodeling projects read the infographic to help you decide which projects will give you the highest return on investment when selling your home.

SJ Johnson Home Improvements Info Graphic

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Check Propane Tanks Before Company Arrives

How to spruce up outdoor space before hosting guests in Southern Maryland

Things you should learn from reading this article:

  • Check Propane Tanks before Southern Maryland company arrives.
  • Walkways need to be cleaned and cleared
  • Furniture must be cleaned
  • Clean the entryway

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