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Propane Grilling Tips

propane gas grill

Tips to grilling chicken, using your propane grill in Southern MD

Using your propane grill in unprecedented times.

propane gas grill Using a propane gas grill is up to an all time high due to social distancing and shelter in place orders.

Cooking food over an open flame tends to produce unique flavors. But some people may avoid grilling certain foods because of the perceived difficulty of creating that distinctive grilled flavor. One such food is chicken. Some people have difficulty grilling flavorful chicken, while others cannot put chicken over an open flame without over- or undercooking it. The following tips for grilling chicken can help poultry lovers grill flavorful chicken.

  • Cook to the appropriate temperature. Many cooks have conducted the eyeball test when grilling chicken, removing chicken that appears cooked from their grills only to cut the chicken open and see it’s pink. Putting chicken that’s been sliced open back on the grill can compromise its flavor once it’s fully cooked. Guidelines established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommend cooking poultry, whether it’s whole chickens, turkeys, poultry parts, or duck and goose, to 165 F. Measure the internal temperature using a food thermometer, only removing the chicken once it’s reached 165 F.
  • Employ two-zone cooking. Chicken cooks most evenly when grilled at a lower temperature. When the grill temperature is too high, the outside of the chicken may burn while the inside might still be pink. Grill chicken over a two-zone fire in which the heat source, whether it’s charcoal briquets or propane gas, is on one side of the grill. Once the outside of the chicken has crisped over, it can be moved to the cool side of the grill. Shut the lid and allow the inside of the chicken to reach the recommended temperature.
  • Wait to apply barbecue sauce. Barbecued chicken is a favorite food to grill, but it’s important to apply barbecue sauce at the right time. Many barbecue sauces contain lots of sugar, which burns quickly over an open flame. That can give cooks the impression that their chicken is cooked, even if it needs significantly more time to reach the recommended temperature. Cooks should wait to apply barbecue sauce until right before the chicken is done cooking. This prevents the sauce from turning to char and ensures that the flavor of the barbecue sauce is preserved.
  • Recognize not all chicken cooks at the same pace. Different parts of the chicken will cook more quickly than others. Chicken breasts may take the longest time to reach 165 F, while thighs might need only a few minutes to reach that temperature.

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Using propane grill for desserts

Propane gas grill desserts

Let grilled desserts add spark to outdoor entertaining

In this article you’ll find ways to extend your propane grill and propane grilling techniques throughout Southern MD and Prince George’s County MD.

Propane gas grill dessertsGrilling immediately calls to mind smoky meats, vegetables and even seafood. However, many people may not know that grills can be an ideal place to cook dessert.

Outdoor propane grills are relied on to impart flavor and facilitate outdoor entertaining. Yet, when it comes time to serve dessert, hosts and hostesses often turn to store-bought treats or delicacies that must be cooked in the oven. But various delicious desserts can be prepared over an open fire.

  • Grilled fruit: Slice up melon, pineapples, peaches, mangoes – just about anything you can think of. Cook for a few minutes over low heat. The grill will help release the sugars and create that extra-tasty caramelization. Grilled fruit is a dessert without too many extra calories.
  • Grilled s’mores: S’mores are the quintessential campfire food, and they also can be cooked on the grill. If you don’t trust little ones around the hot coals or propane, have them prepare the s’mores and then wrap them in foil. Adults can them toss them on the hot grates for a little while, until the foil packets can be unwrapped to unveil melted chocolate and marshmallow goodness.
  • Grilled cake: Use a firm cake, such as pound cake, and slice into thick pieces. Grill for a few minutes to warm, then top with fresh berries and homemade whipped cream for an easy and tasty treat.
  • Grilled cobbler: Dutch ovens are one of the great tools of outdoor cooking. Dutch ovens are heavy, cast-iron pots that can be lowered into a campfire. However, Dutch ovens also can be placed in the belly of a grill. Line with foil and fill the Dutch oven with a favorite cake mix, the corresponding oil amount, fresh berries and even chocolate chips. Let cook for 30 to 40 minutes on low heat until the mixture is bubbly.
  • Grilled dessert pizza: Ready-made or homemade pizza dough can be oiled and grilled over medium heat for a few minutes until grill marks form and the dough starts to puff and harden slightly. Turn over and cover with chocolate-hazelnut spread or some preserves. Grill for another few minutes until the dough is cooked through. Transfer to a cutting board and add sliced bananas.

Grilled menu options can extend to dessert to make outdoor entertaining even easier.

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Propane Gas vs. charcoal: Dishing on popular grilling methods

Propane gas grilling

Propane Gas vs. charcoal: Dishing on popular grilling methods

Propane gas grillingIf you love to grill then you have probably wrestleted with the question which is right for me a propane grill  or a gas grill? We’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Any time of year has the potential to be grilling season. Grilling is not only a way to prepare meals; for many, it’s also a passion.

“Barbecuing is no longer just a pastime, but an integral part of the North American lifestyle,” said Jack Goldman, president and CEO, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. “We expect consumers’ passion for flavorful food and entertaining their family and friends to continue to increase.”  With the amount of propane tanks we fill for grilling in Southern Maryland SJ Johnson knows this is also true for our local community.

The HPBA’s 2017 industry survey found that 70 percent of adults in the United States own a grill or smoker. Those numbers are even greater in Canada, where 80 percent of adults have a grill to call their own. Flavor, lifestyle and entertainment are the prime reasons people grill.

Grilling in Southern MD

When it comes time to replace or upgrade a grill, the age-old question remains: Do I choose a charcoal- or gas-fueled grill for my Southern MD BBQ? That decision can spark heated debate among grillmasters, but for many it may boil down to a number of factors.


Charcoal grills tend to be the less expensive than gas grills. The food and beverage trend reporter Chowhound indicates that a low-end grill can be purchased for around $25. However, deluxe charcoal kettles and other charcoal alternatives tend to be considerably more expensive. The most popular gas grills may cost anywhere from $130 to $300. Those who prefer more options and high-end offerings can pay between $800 and $1,500.

High heat searing

When cooking dishes that benefit from high-heat searing, charcoal grills seem to outperform gas ones, but that isn’t to say gas counterparts can’t come very close at least according to the experts behind The Sweethome, a product recommendation site owned by The New York Times Company.  And deploying a cast-iron pan on top of the grates can help concentrate the heat and allow the meat to cook in its own fat.


There is no doubt that gas grills are a marvel in regard to convenience, especially when they are directly tied into a home’s propane or natural gas system. In such instances, one never has to worry about running out of gas. Gas fuel tends to be cheaper than charcoal and easier to clean, and some gas grills come with side burners that enable cooks to prepare side dishes right next to their grilled entrees.


Gas grills generally are easier to clean, and home chefs do not have to wrangle much ash or leftover coals once they’re done cooking.

Charcoal and gas grills each have their merits. It is up to consumers to decide which features reign supreme as they shop for new grills.

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New Propane Hot Water Heater PG County

New hot water heater


Hot Water is a necessity in 2020:

Why buy a new hot water heater?

Hot Showers

Sanitizing your clothes in hot water when doing laundry

Steamy bath to relieve a stuffy nose

There are lots of reasons for a new hot water heater. Call us and let us review them with you.

New hot water heater


Curbside Propane Service Calvert County

propane curbside service

SJ Johnson Company offers Curbside Propane refill services in Calvert County. You can pick up a new propane tank, refill your current propane tank or return an empty propane tank.

SJ Johnson understands during this difficult time it’s important for families to keep their spirits up while not having contact with the rest of their community. What better way to do that than with a family barbeque in your backyard.

propane curbside service

Electric Tankless Water Heater Southern PG County

The Money Saving Ability of the Electric Tankless Water Heater in Southern PG County

When it comes to making a drastic change in your Prince George’s County home, the change usually traces its motivation back to the saving money. It is safe to say that when considering a switch from a gas water heater to an electric tankless water heater, the primary motivating factor is saving money as well. And, honestly, if saving money is the main factor, then one will not be disappointed with an electric tankless water heater as it will save far more money than a gas water heater ever will.

Electric water heaters are just flat out cheaper than gas heaters to operate. Much of this, of course, has to do with the fact that gas prices are inherently more expensive than the cost of grid electricity, which is often coal-fueled. So, if that is not a major, motivating factor in making the switch to an electric tankless water heater, then it would be hard to find an excuse that will do!

Sadly, people have a tendency to resist change even when making a change can benefit them greatly. Sometimes, the changes are minor, sometimes the changes are major, but the resistance to change remains steadfast none the less. When it comes to an electric tankless water heater, change is good. It will bring about a significant economical benefit to house and home that would not exist without it.

An electric tankless water heater is a safe, sane logical replacement for the traditional gas water heater. There is no reason to shell out extra money when it isnít necessary and an electric water heater will definitely eliminate needless expenses. Granted, one could always go native and light a bonfire under the bathtub but that would be pretty dumb. Plus it is a major fire hazard. Stick with the electric tankless water heater concept and things will work out fine.


Water Softeners in Southern MD


From A Southern MD Water Softener Installer, SJ Johnson Company.


Common contaminants in both well and city water could be affecting the health and safety of your family.


How to test home water quality in Southern MD


Water is essential for life. Generally speaking, a human can go without food for about three weeks, but typically would perish without water after just three to four days.

When people consume water, they are doing so with the assumption or hope that the water is clean and free from harmful contaminants. Even though municipal water systems filter and test water supplies, the company EcoWater Systems® says some of the most common tap water contaminants they encounter actually enter water sources after they have been tested at treatment facilities. Drinking water may contain small amounts of contaminants that are not unsafe to consume at certain levels. However, at higher levels, these same substances can be problematic.

Contaminants can include hydrogen sulfide, raised acidic levels, arsenic, lead, nitrates, and microbiologicals, which include viruses, protozoan and parasites. Homeowners can take proactive approaches to test their water to determine if it contains potentially harmful levels of contaminants. This is especially crucial for those who rely on residential well water, which is not subject to the same testing as municipal systems.

Anyone who knows there may be a problem with the ground water or drinking water in their area or who notices a change in water odor, color and taste can request more information.

One place to start is with a Consumer Confidence Report. Most people on municipal water should receive an annual water quality report called a CCR, or Consumer Confidence Report, states Consumer Reports. People who rent or didn’t receive one can contact their local water supplier or their landlords.

Testing can be initiated by contacting one’s local health department, which may provide free private well or drinking water testing, advises the Environmental Protection Agency. Homeowners also can reach out to a state-certified laboratory to test drinking water. These organizations can provide the most accurate results. Call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791.

People also can buy test kits from their local home centers or online. These tests come with a package of strips that contain reactants that change color to indicate the presence of various contaminants in the water. Keep in mind that quality control may vary, and that tests can give false readings.

Testing drinking water can alert to potential problems and compel homeowners to take action regarding contaminated water.

Your water may be safe to drink but may still taste bad of have a funny smell.  Call us to determine which water softener system is needed in your home.


Using Your New Water Softener System To Stay Healthy


After installing your new water system:

Hopefully, by now we’ve installed your new water softener system or you’ve made an appointment for us to install one soon.  So now it’s time to stay healthy informed with the proper way to wash your hands.

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