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Benefits of a Propane Cooktop

propane stove in Charles County

Benefits a Propane Cook Top has to Offer:

propane stove¬ Precise temperature control from searing to simmering.
¬ Smart controls for different cooking modes.
¬Griddle and grill features on ranges and cook tops.
¬Annual energy cost is approximately $80-$120 per year.
¬Emits approximately 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions than electric units.
¬Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away.
¬Instant-off feature quickly cools down cook top and prevents overcooking.
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Propane Delivery Experts Maryland

propane delivery experts maryland

How to spruce up Maryland outdoor space before hosting guests brought to you by the Propane Delivery Experts in Maryland.

Patios, including furniture and walkways, should be cleaned and cleared of debris before hosting your next party.
Beautiful nights make for great opportunities to invite some friends over for a starry soiree under the nighttime sky. Unlike house parties at which guests will be spending most of their time indoors and in various rooms throughout the house, outdoor parties are often limited to smaller areas, such as patios. That can make things much less taxing on hosts, who won’t have much prep work to do to get an outdoor hosting area ready for guests.
But even an impromptu party requires planning and a little elbow grease before guests arrive. The following are a few areas to address before guests arrive for your next outdoor get-together.

* Clear the walkways and patio of debris. The walkways and patio may not need too much attention, but give them a once-over with a broom to clear any debris. When clearing the patio of debris, move all furniture, making sure to sweep up any debris, including food, that might have fallen beneath tables and chairs since your most recent party. If the patio is especially dirty, consider power washing it to remove stubborn stains that can rob the area of its aesthetic appeal.

* Clean the furniture. Whether it’s been months since your last party on the patio or just a few days, the furniture must be cleaned. Unless items have been stored in a garage or shed, patio furnishings are exposed to the elements, and that means dirt, soil, soot or pollen may have accumulated on the furniture. Wipe down all cushions, using a mild detergent when necessary. Cushions may need some time to dry, so make this one of your first tasks, and leave cushions out in the sun so they dry more quickly. Once the cushions have been cleaned, wipe down the furniture with a wet towel to clear them of any dirt or debris.

* Clean and inspect the grill. The grill is a go-to accessory when hosting an outdoor party, so give the grill a thorough cleaning before the first guests arrive. Nothing brings a party to a halt like hunger, and guests may begin to grow antsy if they are not served food in a reasonable amount of time. If you are using a propane grill, check to make sure the tanks are full as you clean the grill. Running out of propane is a summer soiree faux pas, so you might want to keep an extra tank handy just to be safe.

* Clear the entryway to your home. Your guests will likely be using the same entryway over and over again during the party, so focus on cleaning this entryway so guests don’t trip or have to jump over toys on their way to an indoor restroom. Once the entryway has been cleared of potential tripping hazards, make sure the indoor path to the restroom is clear as well.



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4 simple ways to trim your energy bill this winter

hot-water-heater in Southern Maryland

Lowering water heater temperatures is one-way Southern Maryland homeowners can save considerable amounts of money on winter utility costs.


The cost of home ownership can be considerable. One of the expenses that hits first-time homeowners the hardest upon moving into their new homes is the monthly energy bill. While utility bills for apartment dwellers rarely break the bank, those bills grow considerably when men and women are suddenly lighting, heating and cooling an entire house.

Come winter, utility bills can be especially harsh on homeowners’ budgets. But there are some simple ways to trim utility bills no matter how low the mercury dips in the coming months.

1. Embrace technology.

Technology can help homeowners control energy costs in various ways. A programmable thermostat allows men and women to determine when their homes’ thermostats turn on so they are not paying to heat an empty home. In addition to programmable thermostats, homeowners can purchase real-time electricity monitors that allow them to track usage and monitor individual rooms and circuits so they can determine where in their homes, if anywhere, they are needlessly wasting energy. In lieu of a porch light you need to leave on all night, install motion-detecting lights so you aren’t paying to light porches and walkways that are not being used.

2. Inspect windows and doors.

Windows and doors are often to blame when energy bills start to skyrocket. As homes age, cracks can develop around windows and doors, allowing precious and expensive heat to escape. Caulk around any windows that have cracks (you may feel a draft around such windows) and replace ineffective weatherstripping around doors, which is noticeable if light is visible around doors’ edges.

3. Cover the water heater.

Water heaters can quickly lose heat, and that can contribute to higher heating bills as winter temperatures plunge. Water heater blankets are an inexpensive yet effective investment, as they can help water heaters retain heat longer, producing lower heating bills as a result.

4. Lower the water heater temperature.

Speaking of water heaters, changing their temperature is another simple way to lower utility costs during the winter. According to Energy.gov, homeowners can save between $12 and $30 for each 10° F reduction in water heater temperature. Many manufacturers set water heaters at 140° F, but setting the heater to 120° F can lead to considerable cost savings without sacrificing comfort. An added and cost-effective benefit to lowering water heater temperature is that a lower temperature slows mineral buildup and corrosion in water heaters and pipes, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs while extending the life of the water heater.

Winter temperatures can be harsh on homeowners and their wallets. But there are many ways for homeowners to reduce their energy bills no matter how cold it may get this winter.

Stay warm this winter when you call SJ Johnson for your Fuel Oil or Propane Deliveries.


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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

9 Swimming pool Safety Tips in Maryland
  1. Consider the maximum capacity of the pool when inviting people for a pool party.
  2. Be sure your pool water is adequately cleaned.
  3. Before swimming vacuum and skim the pool so that any debris or insects can be removed.
  4. Don’t overload the pool with too many items or guests won’t have room to swim.
  5. Make sure you have plenty of beverages on hand, too.
  6. Be sure someone is always available with first-aid and CPR training.
  7. Having a rescue float close by is a good idea.
  8. Keep a cordless phone handy to dial emergency services should an accident occur.
  9. For younger children, consider setting up a small, shallow pool so they can play safely.


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Environmentally Friendly Pool Maintenance Tips in Southern Maryland

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Golden Years

Golden years are turning into Green Years in Southern Maryland!

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Clean Propane

SJ Johnson Propane Tank in Maryland

Did You Know… Propane is Cleaner and Greener
Brought to you by a Calvert County Propane Delivery Company

A Greener, Cleaner and Better Fuel For Homes – Propane

Whether it’s your business, house or commercial outlet, energy bills have the power to leave you bankrupt and devastated! This can be attributed to the use of propane. According to the Department Of Energy & Resources budget-conscious patrons should operate on propane for many reasons. In fact, propane makes the world greener, cleaner and better. Propane is certainly one of the world’s cleanest energy sources of power.

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Improve Air Quality

How to improve indoor air quality in your home

With winter on the horizon, homeowners who live in Southern Maryland with harsh winters are preparing their homes for a season spent largely indoors. Unlike the other seasons of the year, when homeowners can comfortably air out their homes by opening windows, winter offers no such opportunities to let nature improve indoor air quality. Read More