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Gas Fireplace Regular Maintenance

Gas Fireplace Regular Maintenance

Gas fireplace maintenance near me in Southern MD

Gas Fireplace Regular MaintenanceGetting a cozy night with your loved ones doesn’t get any easier than using a gas hearth appliance. However, although using the appliance doesn’t take more than flipping a switch, proper maintenance and regular service are necessary to keep it in good condition. Failure to maintain a gas appliance may result in a breakdown, which can affect its performance. More importantly, the safety level of the gas appliance may also be affected, most especially considering the harmful effects of carbon monoxide. So, it’s essential always to have your gas appliance in good condition.

If you ever suspect any fault within your fireplace, stove, insert or logs, endeavor to find out the problem as soon as possible by calling the professionals for gas fireplace repair in Calvert county. Otherwise, you may be at the risk of exposing yourself to the poisonous gas. Sadly, the harmful carbon monoxide gas lacks taste, odor, or color; thus, it can be challenging to detect it if you are not a gas expert. However, you can ensure that your gas hearth appliance is not a threat through regular maintenance. By so doing, it will not only remain functional for many seasons; you will feel safe relaxing close to it.

You can keep your gas fireplace, stove, log set, or insert in great shape by scheduling annual maintenance. Typical maintenance to perform should include the following:

  • Annual Inspections

You should get a professional who is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) to assess your hearth appliance (regardless of the fuel type) at least once in twelve months. The importance of annual inspection cannot be overemphasized as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) encourages it. When you inspect your appliance, you can easily detect any issues that may affect its performance and safety. Also, fixing such problems early can help prolong the lifespan of your gas fireplace, insert, log set, or stove. During the inspection, ensure that a thorough assessment from the pilot light, gas line to the ventilation system is performed.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the advantages of the gas appliance over wood appliances is that it doesn’t produce as much soot as a wood appliance. Nevertheless, the gas hearth appliance accumulates dust and dirt with time. Such deposits may affect the performance and safety of the appliance eventually. Thus, it is the more reason why you need to clean your gas appliance routinely. While cleaning, the logs and other components will be disassembled to remove the debris and dust. Also, aside from cleaning the glass, the electrical system, wiring, and blowers will be checked. Additionally, cleaning includes adjusting the flame height and checking for any carbon monoxide leaks. For those who have their appliance checked yearly, you can call for gas insert service in Calvert county to know if you need to clean your gas hearth appliance anytime soon.

Common Gas Appliance Repairs 

After inspection, a professional will inform you about what needs to be repaired or a component that needs a replacement. However, some of the most commonly replaced parts include valves, log parts, burners, and pilot lights.

If you ever need a professional to inspect, repair, or replace any component of your gas fireplace, insert, log set, or insert, we are your plug. You can even call us to replace your embers.

Signs of Issues to Look Out for

Endeavor to call a professional if you ever notice any of the following signs in your gas fireplace, log set, insert, or stove:

  • Poignant smell
  • Excessive smoke from the fireplace
  • Metallic tastes, nausea feeling, headaches, or lightheadedness anytime you around the fireplace.

Once you start experiencing any of the signs highlighted above, reach us instantly. We’ll be glad to meet your needs.


Gas Fireplace Maintenance Near Me