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Basement Developments

Basement Development

Basement Developments

Basement development in MarylandA development project in your basement is great to add space to your home for many different things. Such as an extra bedroom with a bathroom, an office, or maybe a games room. In the past basements were not much more than a cellar that could be used for storage. But now you can develop your basement into one of the best living spaces in your home.

This type of project can be handled by most types of renovation companies. Any renovation company I have worked with also develops basements.

The initial assessment of your basement before remodeling is very important because it will save a lot of your time and money when you decide to get into the development project. You need to know what your basement can support, for example, a bathroom will require a lot of plumbing and an office will need grave data cabling. If you have the right equipment for an office or a bathroom in your basement, then by all means go ahead and create the best there ever is in the neighborhood. But if you would like a simple basement development project in your house; create a kid’s play room or a theater where you and your family can spend some quality time. A home gym or an amazing and lavish sauna can fit into simple basement developments. Get the best electrician to help in cabling and creating a safe basement for your family.

Every basement will have a furnace and water heater, these will need to be built into a furnace room that has access for future repairs. Also, most basements will need adequate lighting and heating, and a two or three piece bathroom is always nice. Check with the licensing department of your city on permit regulations.

Any basement project that I have had the pleasure of helping to design I ask many questions. How long are you going to be in the home? Is your family size increasing or decreasing? What would you like to see in your new basement? Of course if someone wants a games room and has their heart set on that, I will not discourage them from that even if this does not add any market value to their home. Every basement should have a two or three piece bathroom. The reason for this is if you want to sell in a year or ten years the new owners will want a bathroom. If your house does not have one then the house down the street will have a higher sale price and less days on the market than yours.