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Back Up Generators

Don’t be left in the dark.

Power outages are clearly on the rise. With less reliable utility service, growing power demand, deregulation and the unpredictable weather, we as homeowners have to consider a back-up plan to protect our homes in times of power outages. SJJohnson recognizes that many businesses are home based; moms are staying home with their babies, and we have valuables in our homes that need protection by our in home alarm systems. Losing power, for us, is not an option.

SJJohnson offers a full line of home generators that protect your home from being exposed to a power outage. We offer a basic 100 series generator that can power all your home’s essentials, (e.g., refrigerator, lights, and heat). We also offer a 200 series with advance computer controls that manage both essential & high wattage appliances. This series offering maximum efficiency and premium comfort eliminates the worry of utility power failure.

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