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How Big Is The Crude Oil Supply

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How to safely handle a prolonged power outage

What is a water softener and how does it work?

Southern MD Propane Gas grill safety tips


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Propane Grilling Tips

propane gas grill

Some people have difficulty grilling flavorful chicken, while others cannot put chicken over an open flame without over- or undercooking it. The following tips for grilling chicken can help poultry lovers grill flavorful chicken.

Using propane grill for desserts

Propane gas grill desserts

Outdoor propane grills are relied on to impart flavor and facilitate outdoor entertaining. Yet, when it comes time to serve dessert, hosts and hostesses often turn to store-bought treats or delicacies that must be cooked in the oven. But various delicious desserts can be prepared over an open fire.

Propane Gas vs. charcoal: Dishing on popular grilling methods

Propane gas grilling

Do I choose a charcoal- or propane gas fueled grill? That decision can spark heated debate among grillmasters, but for many it may boil down to a number of factors.

New Propane Hot Water Heater PG County

New hot water heater

OLD WITH THE OLD PROPANE HOT WATER HEATER … IN WITH A NEW ONE FROM SJ JOHNSON. Hot Water is a necessity in 2020: Why buy a new hot water heater? Hot Showers Sanitizing your clothes in hot water when doing laundry Steamy bath to relieve a stuffy nose There are lots of reasons for a new hot water heater. Call us…

Curbside Propane Service Calvert County

propane curbside service

SJ Johnson Company offers Curbside Propane refill services in Calvert County. You can pick up a new propane tank, refill your current propane tank or return an empty propane tank. SJ Johnson understands during this difficult time it’s important for families to keep their spirits up while not having contact with the rest of their community. What better way to do that…

Electric Tankless Water Heater Southern PG County

The Money Saving Ability of the Electric Tankless Water Heater in Southern PG County When it comes to making a drastic change in your Prince George’s County home, the change usually traces its motivation back to the saving money. It is safe to say that when considering a switch from a gas water heater to an electric tankless water heater, the primary…


Water Softeners in Southern MD

  WHAT’S IN YOUR WATER? From A Southern MD Water Softener Installer, SJ Johnson Company.   Common contaminants in both well and city water could be affecting the health and safety of your family.   How to test home water quality in Southern MD   Water is essential for life. Generally speaking, a human can go without food for about three weeks,…

Using Your New Water Softener System To Stay Healthy


After installing your new water system: Hopefully, by now we’ve installed your new water softener system or you’ve made an appointment for us to install one soon.  So now it’s time to stay healthy informed with the proper way to wash your hands. Brought to you by SJ Johnson Company