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Propane and Landscaping

PROPANE FIRE PITS People have sat around an open fire outdoors in Southern Maryland for many years. Not only does fire provide warmth and light, but also it offers a relaxing setting for conversation and socialization. The outdoor fire pit has transformed the concept of backyard entertaining. Homeowners understand how a fire pit can add value to a home and make their…

Benefits of a Propane Cooktop

propane stove

Benefits a Propane Cook Top has to Offer: ¬ Precise temperature control from searing to simmering. ¬ Smart controls for different cooking modes. ¬Griddle and grill features on ranges and cook tops. ¬Annual energy cost is approximately $80-$120 per year. ¬Emits approximately 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions than electric units. ¬Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away. ¬Instant-off feature quickly cools down…

Clean Propane

SJ Johnson Propane Tank

Did You Know… Propane is Cleaner and Greener Brought to you by a Calvert County Propane Delivery Company A Greener, Cleaner and Better Fuel For Homes – Propane Whether it’s your business, house or commercial outlet, energy bills have the power to leave you bankrupt and devastated! This can be attributed to the use of propane. According to the Department Of Energy &…

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